There are thousands of backgrounds available. Here is a small selection, it is a personal choice as to the "feel" that you are looking for with your product.

Luckily changing the background is a very easy thing to do - we do not have to re-write the web site, just insert the new background for the old. To see what this page looks like on any of these backgrounds, click on the parch below

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We would assume that you already had a company logo, however it is quite easy to add one for your site. Something like the logo for Soft Options below can be done in dozens of type faces and different print effects added

options.gif (6985 bytes)

Welcome to your company

You need to present a clear message to the viewer as to what your company does and why the browser should use your product

Coupled with that,  you  need to also have links to your other web pages. So you need to know what those pages are to be focused on.

One of those web pages should be more of a public service than straight advertising for these reasons

Lastly you need an e-mail link for the visitor to contact you. You cannot make it too easy for the visitor to contact you

The front page is what makes the browser decide to stay and look, or whether they are going to surf on.

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